ACAB, but especially the Marshals

Dealing with cops is never fun. Federal cops are even less fun. I dealt with a lot of cops at my first job, but the US Marshals were above and away the worst I had the displeasure of encountering.

A rather awkward surprise birthday party

As previously noted I was not the most socially adept person as a college student, but I was also “blessed” with an abundance of friends who were determined to “solve” my problems. In this instance took it upon themselves to drag me on what has certainly been, my most unique birthday adventure to date.

Whisky, Cigars, and Football Camp

My favorite college job wasn’t even my job technically, but was some friends of mine. This is the tale of us going above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service in the sort of irresponsible way only unsupervised college students can.

How I learned the customer isn’t always right

In the summer before my freshman year of college I helped a friend of mine (the ex-boyfriend of prom story fame) move into a new apartment near where he was going to school. After an afternoon of carrying boxes and furniture up three flights of stairs we were tired and hungry. B- suggested a nearby […]

Wait!? You’re trans too!?

Trans people have a tendency to unknowingly find each other which can make for some awkward but funny encounters. This is the story of how I (re)met on of my good local trans friends.

Becoming Izzy

We all joke about how “There were no signs” but in hindsight there actually were a lot of signs. This is how I became the person I am today, and a number of cases where I probably should have noticed sooner. I was a very daft egg. 🥚

The Bar Story Parts One And Two

Two of my favorite tales from a past jobs occurred on the same day in the same bar. Traditionally I tell this story in two parts because it takes a rather dramatic genre shift about half way through and only one half is relevant to the audience at hand, but y’all are queer techies, so both it is 😁.

That time I ended up in New Jersey for five years

As my (second) senior year of college was winding down I felt pretty good about my future. I had a month and a half to go before my final set of college finals, I had just gotten married, things were good. My wife had another year of school still, this gave me plenty of time […]

That time Izzy went to her senior prom

Once upon a time I was an awkward nerdy boy, not cool in anyway and definitely not taking care of my body. I blundered through high school, a complete romantic failure; an incel in the modern parlance. Spring of my senior year came, and that meant prom season, this was it, my last pretense to […]